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Meet The Iced Viking

Join Chuck to help reach your full potential

Chuck McGee III
Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor
  • First American to teach alongside Wim Hof in Poland for the winter travel experience
  • Certified by Wim Hof to teach his method
  • Part of the original team of American Instructors
Oxygen Advantage
XPT instructor
  • Oxygen Advantage® Certified Master Instructor: A breathing technique to scientifically enhance performance
  • XPT Certified Coach: A variety of training strategies to enhance physical and mental health


Workshops are offered regularly to give you a chance to learn the Wim Hof Method. Ranging from several hours to full-day experiences all across Northern California.

The most affordable way to learn the Wim Hof Method in person, workshops are a great way to become part of the community. Benefit from the expertise and training Chuck has to offer and meet other great people who are interested in the Wim Hof Method.

Private retreats also available, please contact Chuck for more information.

My commitment to personal practice has given me the experience to know what is possible, the nuances of the technique and the long term benefits of practice. Being a Type-1 diabetic I also understand the physical and psychological challenges that the method can help address.

Discover your potential!

Experience the Wim Hof Method for yourself

Learn proper technique

Discover what you are capable of

Can you imagine…

Hiking a snow covered mountain in your shorts?

Swimming in a mountain lake in the middle of winter?

Living your life with less pain and more happiness?


Live Life



Fundamentals Workshop

Jump right in! In this four hour workshop you will get an introduction to all three pillars of the Wim Hof Method. Suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners, Chuck will help you whatever level you are at. You will leave being able to practice the method safely and effectively and ready to practice at home.


Advanced Workshop

Ready for something more? Take your practice and understanding of the Wim Hof Method to the next level. Dive deeper into the nervous system than you thought possible. Explore advanced breathing techniques and all of the science behind the method. Your next step on the way to mastery!


Are you ready to go deep?

in the snow
A retreat is a great way to learn the Wim Hof Method or to see how far you can take your practice. Imagine waking up and spending the whole day having fun, challenging yourself and going beyond anything you thought possible. During a retreat you will get the opportunity to develop mastery in all three pillars of the Wim Hof Method.

Get ready to transform your mind and body and join us on a retreat!

Weekend and Weeklong Workshops

Join a small group of people to practice the Wim Hof Method in Tahoe! We are lucky to be in such a beautiful area where high mountains, cold water and lots of snow provide great opportunities to practice and have fun. Weekend and weeklong retreats will be offered. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date and be notified when the next retreat is scheduled.

Poland Winter Expedition

The adventure of a lifetime run by Wim Hof in Poland. From their site “Poland’s majestic hills and valleys serve as a testing ground for your newly acquired mastery of body and mind. ” Wim will be there, so you know it will be fun, challenging and unforgetable!

Chuck McGee leading a hike
Chuck McGee III
Chuck McGee III
Chuck McGee III on the Wim Hof Winter Travel Expedition

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