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Meet The Iced Viking

Join Chuck to help reach your full potential

Chuck McGee III
Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor
  • First American to teach alongside Wim Hof in Poland for the winter travel experience
  • Certified by Wim Hof to teach his method
  • Part of the original team of American Instructors
Oxygen Advantage
XPT instructor
  • Oxygen Advantage® Certified Master Instructor: A breathing technique to scientifically enhance performance
  • XPT Certified Coach: A variety of training strategies to enhance physical and mental health

Not your average corporate workshop

Are you looking to help your employees be healthier, happier and stronger?
Would your company benefit if you could unlock the full potential of your employees?
Help them develop the kind of leadership qualities that will inspire others!

“If you can learn how to use your mind, anything is possible.”

-Wim Hof, Becoming the Iceman

Wim Hof meditating on ice

  • Leadership training gives confidence to take on challenges
  • Team building through working together to experience new capabilities
  • Helps in developing clarity, resilience and inspiration

In a corporate setting, the Wim Hof Method is great as a tool for leadership training, team building and for the health and wellness of all employees. The workshop taps into the same structure employees face everyday – individual challenge in a group environment.

Can you imagine…

Hiking a snow covered mountain in your shorts?

Swimming in a mountain lake in the middle of winter?

Living your life with less pain and more happiness?


Live Life


Practicing cold exposure


Empower your leaders with the confidence to inspire others and take on new challenges

The Wim Hof Method offers more than inspiration, it offers a direct experience of your employees potential. WIm Hof has shown how it is possible to find inner strength and use it to achieve amazing results while inspiring those around you. These are qualities that great leaders have, but that can be hard to teach and develop.

In the Wim Hof method the strength, clarity and confidence required for leadership is trained through the challenge of cold exposure. Given the proper mind-set and breathing techniques, what once seemed impossible, becomes possible. The gradual and accessible training allows people to understand and master their own minds in the face of challenge. The skills and understanding gained through practicing and developing the method transfer over to greater skill in facing difficulty, making decisions and the confidence to take charge.

Chuck leading the horse dance

Team Building and Performance

Let your team bond through helping each other realize their capabilities

Give them a tool to feel better, overcome stress and stay healthier

Help to make your employees more productive, healthier and focused. The Wim Hof Method will give them the skills to be more resilient, overcome stress, take greater responsibility and have more confidence in the face of challenge and difficulty.

Cold showers on their own have been shown to reduce sick days, now add in breathing and mind training and your employees will be empowered to be healthier, happier and more resilient. The method works to help your employees be happier through giving them a direct experience of their own strength. They will become healthier through developing tools to improve their immune system. They will also learn how to gain greater focus and resilience through developing their mind-set based on the attitude Wim Hof brings to his life.

Workshop details

4-hour workshops to fit your schedule

Experiential: don’t just tell them about leadership and team building, let them experience it

In the workshop all of the participants have a chance to learn about the method, and put their new mind-set to the test as they practice breathing and cold therapy. Workshops are 4-hours and everyone leaves with the tools to continue the method on their own. Longer workshops, retreats and inspirational guest speakers can be arranged to meet the specific needs of your organization.

It is challenging to find an experience that can cut through the noise of the modern world. What if there was a way for employees and leaders to directly experience their strength, clarity and potential? Contact us below to find out more about what is possible for your company…

Workshop + Support
Workshop + Coaching
Special Guest Speakers
4 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours+

  • Workshop run by Chuck McGee III
  • One month of follow-up
  • On-site or off-site
  • Workshop run by Chuck McGee III
  • Follow-Up private coaching for participants
  • On-site or off-site
  • Workshop + Special Guest
  • Design your own workshop
  • Post-event coaching packages for participants


Chuck McGee III
Chuck McGee III
Chuck McGee leading a hike
Chuck McGee III on the Wim Hof Winter Travel Expedition

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