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Chuck McGee III
Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor
  • First American to teach alongside Wim Hof in Poland for the winter travel experience
  • Certified by Wim Hof to teach his method
  • Part of the original team of American Instructors
Oxygen Advantage
XPT instructor
  • Oxygen Advantage┬« Certified Master Instructor: A breathing technique to scientifically enhance performance
  • XPT Certified Coach: A variety of training strategies to enhance physical and mental health

Want to take your practice to the next level?

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Work with me directly to get the guidance, coaching and encouragement that will help you to learn and grow in the Wim Hof Method.

I have experience working with a wide range of practitioners, from beginner to advanced. My number one goal is always to meet people where they are at and to see how they can take that next step.

My commitment to personal practice has given me the experience to know what is possible, the nuances of the technique and the long term benefits of practice. Being a Type-1 diabetic I also understand the physical and psychological challenges that the method can help address.

Discover your potential!

Tailored coaching to your level

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The Wim Hof Method has changed my life and I want it to do the same for you! I work in person in Northern California and can do Skype sessions with you wherever you live.

Get in contact with me to learn more and discuss how the Wim Hof Method can help you!

Can you imagine…

Hiking a snow covered mountain in your shorts?

Swimming in a mountain lake in the middle of winter?

Living your life with less pain and more happiness?


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This private weekend workshop with you and Chuck will take you straight to the heart of the Wim Hof Method. If you want the ultimate exploration of your mind and body, then this is the experience for you. Chuck will work with you to help break through the physical and mental barriers that you didn’t even know were holding you back.


Chuck McGee leading a hike
Chuck McGee III
Chuck McGee III
Chuck McGee III on the Wim Hof Winter Travel Expedition

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