Guided Breathwork

Go Beyond Stress

Guided Breathwork for your Company

83% of workers are stressed

Stressed employees spend 46% more on healthcare

Only 43% of workers believe their employers care about work-life balance

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Wim Hof meditating on ice

“The breath knows how to go deeper than the mind”

                                                 -Wim Hof

-Wim Hof

✓ A regular practice to help your employees relieve stress and feel great at work

✓ Increase productivity, focus and engagement through regular guided breathing

✓ Delivered via video or audio conference, so your employees can access together or on their own anywhere in the world

Stress is a huge problem in the modern workplace. People are turning to meditation, yoga and mindfulness apps to try to cope. What if there was something that was simpler, quicker, more powerful and helped your employees go beyond coping and into thriving. Chuck McGee III delivers powerful guided breathing for your employees on a regular basis, whether you want to offer it weekly, monthly or something in-between, your employees will feel the results after the first session.

Chuck will guide your employees in 30-minute guided sessions, either as a group together at the workplace, or together through video-conference. The session will directly relax and connect participants to their inner resources of calm, resilience and focus. Q&A will follow to give indivudalized feedback and help everyone make the most out of every session.

The sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization based on frequency, employee experience and organizational goals. We are so confident you will experience the benefits, the first session is provided as a no-cost demo to your organization.

Wim Hof arms extended

“The limit is not in the sky. The limit is in the mind”

                                                 -Wim Hof

-Wim Hof

Guided Breathwork Session

Beyond Stress

30 minute

✓ Relieve stress

✓ Increase productivity & focus

✓ Available to meet the needs and frequency of your company

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